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Abram and Dr Rosen

Abram's Contribution to Cancer Research

Abram Abrams is donating 20% of his net real estate commissions (earned through either a seller or a buyer), to the Premiere Oncology Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the care of cancer patients and their caregivers through research, education and integrative medicine.

The Premiere Oncology Foundation was started in 2004 by Lee S. Rosen M.D. founder of Premiered Oncology Medical Corporation (POMC), a world-class treatment center specializing in early stage clinical cancer trials. Dr. Rosen was featured on the CBS television program 60 Minutes in 2000 for his work on angiogenesis inhibitors.

Abrams Supports The Jewish Federation of Santa Barbara's Women's Philanthropy Luncheon

Abrams is a significant supporter of The Jewish Federation of Santa Barbara's Annual Women's Philanthropy Luncheon. Abrams suppports the Women's Philanthropy Luncheon and the Jewish Federation of Santa Barbaran by donation 20% of his net real estate commissions (earned through either a seller on a buyer) to them.

The Women's Philanthropy Luncheon raises funds to support Jewish Federation's programs and social services that benefit those in need locally, in Israel, and around the world. Cultural and educational programs sponsored by Jewish Federation are open to all, often free of charge.
Abram and Joan Hyler
Santa Barbara Women's Philanthropy Luncheon
"Thank you again for attending. We look forward to seeing you at future Federation events." Lauren Katz, Dale Nissenson, Joan Rothenberg
"We were delighted to see you at the Women's Philanthropy Luncheon. The record number of 200 attendees demonstrates the strength of support for the Jewish Federation in Santa Barbara. The presence of so many Jewish organization and congregations at the event shows a growing solidarity within our community of which we are proud to be a part.

This letter has one simple purpose and that is to say THANK YOU! Your support is essential in helping the Federaton to carry out its important mission which serves all locally, in Israel and around the world."

Abram's Contribution to the Friendship Circle

Abrams is a supporter of The Friendship Circle, a teenage leadership program made up of a group of caring and professionally trained teenagers who voluntarily reach out to children in the community who have special needs.

Special needs children aren't as integrated into society as other children, so the need for them to connect with a friend makes this weekly visitation from The Friendship Circle a very important day to them. One of the caring teenage boys put it like this: "You cannot describe the feeling you get when the child you're visiting is so excited about seeing you that he waits at the window for your arrival." Another teenager describes his visitations to a child with autism who had never spoken. The child shouted out his first words to his teenager buddy, "more, more", as he interacted with him.
Contribution to the Friendship Circle