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Abram Abrams

About Abram

Abram Abrahemian "aka A. Abrams" is part of AA International Realty Inc. in Oxnard, California, who specializes in the sale of the world's finest properties in Santa Barbara, Ventura & Oxnard, Complete Northern & Southern California including Wilshire Corridor, Hawaii, Arizona, Paris France, and the southern regions of France. Specializing in almost all kinds of properties such as apartments, small & large country side homes, farm houses, beachfront properties, villas, castles, and even complete peninsulas. Also servicing in commercial properties such as medical buildings or facilities, wineries, hotels, shopping centers, highrises & etc. Abrams truly believes in helping others as helping others is helping yourself. In addition to being a philanthropist real estate professional in the United States, Abrams has also been a real estate professional and a past resident of Paris France for years. After gaining success in real estate by years of hard work and paying dues, Abrams truly lives by the principle of helping others.

As a realtor, Abrams has spent the balance of the last 40 years gallivanting through Europe and the States specializing in the sales of the world's finest properties. Throughout his years, he has worked with some of the most prolific people around.

A testimony to determination at its purest potential, Abrams got started in Paris, France, at the age of 18. He gained a specialized education, majoring in French History and the Arts. Fueled by fierce ambition and equipped with invaluable knowledge, Abrams was ready to out endure all competition, opposition and obstacle of every kind. Separate from Paris and California, Abrams has continued his success in real estate in other markets including Nice, Cannes, Montpellier, Island of Tahiti, Tuscany Italy and in the Island of Hawaii. When consulting with clients overseas, Abrams goes all out and provides them with a VIP menu of services.

"From the moment my client lands at Charles de Gaulle airport, I personally meet them to ensure a pleasant arrival and to add a personal touch to their experience in a foreign country." From arranging hotels, to dining and entertaining, Abrams offers his clients top notch service and an experience they will love to remember. Building relationships based on trust, his client roster included everyone from affluent world travelers and investors, to Hollywood celebrities, high profile individuals and even members of international royalty!

"In my dealings, I try to provide the most personal and friendly experience and service. I completely tailor and customize my job to meet my clients' needs. Whether it's using a phone (available 24 hours) instead of emails, or driving with the client instead of meeting them, or simply sharing stories of my experience. I believe it's the personal touch that counts!"